Why choose animation?

Well, the short answer is, you choose animation to show anything that a camera cannot capture.

When you have a fantastical, large-scale or impossible-to-shoot concept, animation is a great way to bring it to life.

Here is how some of our clients benefit from it:


The “Surprise Joe” owner continues to earn money from ads on his YouTube channel thanks to the animated series about Panda Bo.


A musician and singer, Wally Warning, promotes his new songs using our animated music videos to tell a deeper story than lyrics could alone.


The publishing house “Vogel” integrated our explainer to their promotional page to show the advantages of their new mobile app for specialists who work with traffic laws.


C. E. O. of Abatus® Financial Consulting, Robin Klimaschka, uses our animations to explain to his clients the difference between shares and bonds.


Even a little animation could be helpful. Mr Sebastian Haller, the manager of Sportpartners®, hired us for a 360° toy car animation so parents can interact with the design, rotate the toy and even choose the colour scheme.


Mrs Alexandra Jelen is an author of children’s books who fulfilled a personal dream to see her own characters on screen in an animated book promo.

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