We get to know you with the aim of understanding your goals carefully to make sure animation is the right fit. If we believe that it can achieve your goals, we’ll transform your ideas into animations that are beneficial to you and your audience, whether you want to generate revenue or grow your reach.

We produce different types of animations depending on the goal you’re trying to achieve. Some would like an animated advertisement to promote their products and services, while others want an animated series to generate income on YouTube. Whatever your goal is, our team delivers.

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Types of Animation

Our team offer a variety of animation services

Animated Series

A lucrative way to earn money is by creating an animated series for YouTube. We turn your ideas into reality by using cut-out animation with hand-drawn elements and 3D backgrounds, in order to create a fascinating story that captivates the audience and generates revenue for your business.

Let us know your idea, and we can help you create characters, compose music and animate the story, to create a profitable series like we did with Surprise Joe (Hey Spiky now) which has had over 500 million views on YouTube according to Socialblade.

Music Videos

Our animated music videos embody the themes and values of your music through enchanting animations. Regardless of the amount of lyrics and complexity of the song, we draw your viewers in with a visual experience that complements your work of art and expresses your vision.

We have animated music videos for the German record label MAC Records and acclaimed artists such as the reggae star Wally Warning, for whom we used gorillas to tell a story about misplaced prejudice and judgement in a fascinating way that captures the audience’s attention.

Animated Gifts

Surprise your friend or loved one with something different for their birthday, special occasion or celebration. We can create a bespoke animated message for you, using characters from their favourite video game or animated series, which you can gift to them. They’ll be overcome with happiness when they see that you went through the effort to have something created so personalised and close to their hearts.

Let us know the message, theme and characters you’d like to use, so we can work with you to create a unique and personalised gift that they will forever fondly remember.


In an age where we rarely see hand-drawn animation and rely more on 3D computer generated animation, hand-drawn animations can make your promotional message stand out from the crowd, the same way calligraphy stands out from printed text. Red Bull for example built their marketing campaign using this method which has been the foundation of their TV ads for over 20 years with incredible success.

We animated our client Mr Blum and his pharmacy using hand-drawn animation to promote him and his business on local television. The uniqueness of the approach quickly became a topic of conversation which made the adverts memorable to the audience and ensured that existing and potential customers always had his pharmacy in mind.

E-learning Courses

When it comes to education, sometimes you need a creative way to get the learning across to your students. We all have fond memories as children of the characters we watched on TV that taught us languages, maths and captivating topics in exciting ways.

In 2016, we helped our client Mrs Schumacher to revise her existing characters and breathed new life into her French learning course, turning the lecture series into an engaging experience that made learning a complex new topic more memorable for her students by simplifying it and more visually appealing and catchy for the viewers.

Pitch Decks

You may find yourself having a great idea for an animated series, marketing campaign or feature film, but you might need help to convince the board at your company that it’s worth the investment. In that case, we’re here to help by visualising the concept. We take the time to do the research so we can create a compelling script and set the scenery for your idea.

A great example is author Florian Juterschnig, who came to us because he wanted to turn his book about the Second World War into an animated film and needed our help to sell the idea. We developed the characters, drew a storyboard and made many sketches with very detailed historical accuracy, such as the castles, bombers, and street signs, to help convey his vision and show the potential success of his story being animated.

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Our Panda Bo Project

Our highly successful Panda Bo series is featured on YouTube, the channel itself boasting over 7 million subscribers. Our client was not expecting the channel to grow so quickly and with our ability to create several episodes at once, we were able to publish more which brought in more revenue.

Using 2.5D animation, we were able to keep the costs low for the client but still create 6 panda bears that look hand-drawn with shadows and textures of fur. We developed the characters, prepared the scripts, designed the scenery and composed all of the music for each episode.

Panda Bo series is engaging and entertaining for children, as well as being extremely profitable for our client.

550 million video views

7 million subscribers

Ranked 8th most subscribed channel in Germany

Our Process

What to expect working with us

1. Scoping

We connect with you and get to know your vision and ideas. We can help with scripts and develop concepts, as well as calculating the costs involved.

2. Character Development

We find the right design for your characters. It can take a few sketches to find the perfect image, it took about 2 weeks to find the right 2.5D look for Panda Bo, but we always persevere to find the correct design.

3. Storyboard

An animated storyboard helps you see your ideas forming, and helps you to see where your story can lead. You will get a better look at the project as a whole.

4. Production

We animate the characters and start to bring everything together. We write the music, come up with the special effects and cut the scenes together.

5. Launch

Once completed with the final review and any final editing or finishing touches, the video will be ready to launch!

Other Animations We Created

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