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Animation Services

We produce cartoons, music videos, trailers, ads and animated series for YouTube and more...

Animated Series

Let us know your idea, and we can help you create characters, compose music and animate the story, to create a profitable series like we did with Surprise Joe which has had over 500 million views on YouTube according to Socialblade.

Music Videos

Our animated music videos embody the themes and values of your music through animation. We have animated music videos for the German record label MAC Records and acclaimed artists such as the reggae star Wally Warning.


Hand-drawn animations can make your promotional message stand out from the crowd. We animated our client Mr Blum and his pharmacy using hand-drawn animation to promote him and his business on local television.

Animated Gifts

Surprise your friend or loved one with something different for their birthday, special occasion or celebration. We can create an animation using characters from their favourite video game or animated series, which you can gift to them.

E-Learning Courses

When it comes to education, sometimes you need a creative way to get the learning across to your students. In 2016, we helped our client Mrs Schumacher to revise her existing characters and breathed new life into her French learning course.

Pitch Decks

An Austrian writer Florian Juterschnig wanted to turn his book about the Second World War into an animated film. We developed the characters, drew a storyboard and made many sketches of castles, bombers, and street signs, to help convey his vision and show the potential success of his story being animated.


Our Process

What to expect when you start working with us...


We connect with you, get to know your vision and ideas.

We help with scripts, develop concepts, as well as calculate the costs involved.




We find the right design for your characters.

It can take a few sketches to find the perfect image, it took about 2 weeks to find the right look for Panda Bo, but we always persevere to get it just right.



An animated storyboard helps you see your ideas forming, and helps you to see where your story can lead.

You will get a better look at the project as a whole.



We animate the characters and start to bring everything together.

We write the music, come up with the special effects and cut the scenes together.



Once the final review is complete, final touches and editing are applied...

the video is ready to be launched!

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Panda Bo Project

Panda Bo series is engaging and entertaining for children, as well as being extremely profitable for our client.
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Using 2.5D animation, we were able to keep the costs low for our client but still create 6 panda bears that look hand-drawn with shadows and textures of fur.


We developed the characters, prepared the scripts, designed the scenery and composed all of the music for each episode.


Our client was not expecting the channel to grow so quickly and with our ability to create several episodes at once, we were able to publish more which brought in more revenue.


Our highly successful Panda Bo series is featured on YouTube, the channel itself boasting over 7 million subscribers.

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Hey Spiky

We continued where the other studio left off and improved the series “Hey Spiky
spik spik spik

Special Effects



Water, dust, fire, underwater environments: you name it. Feel free to compare our bath song with the client’s competitors.



Global illumination isn't a magic wand. An artist must set up the lights and materials properly. Given enough time, we create vivid Lighting that makes the scene shine.



It requires patience, skills and some talent to create impressive animation. We will gladly make it for your project or simplify the motion to save the budget.



Other Creations

Check out some of our previous projects!

We Stand With Ukraine

By working with us, you support Ukraine
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Pillusion Festival

Ukrainian film “Victor Robot“ was shown during the Pillusion Festival in Austria. A charity event made for the children of the Ukrainian refugees where we had raised some money. Many thanks to our partner, Florian Juterschnig.


Participation of our team in the fund for the protection of people.

What we do

Hire Ukrainian artists

Purchase laptops and other hardware from Kyiv

Debunk Russian propaganda in social networks

Encourage partners to work with Ukraine

Send scenes for rendering to a ukrainian firm Forender

Our values

There are both Ukrainians and Russians in our studio. We share language, culture and our sincere wish to help Ukraine win the war as soon as possible.