Sole trader Mikhail Ten is in charge of the studio.
He is registered in Munich (Germany).
Tax-ID: 148/149/01018
Tel.: +49 89 202 44 705
The website is created in Studio “Space-pencil

Out Team

Scorpy (Misha)

I’m in charge of our studio. I’m picky and nagging. I correct my colleagues’ mistakes again and again and care much about grammar and typography. My tasks are both creative and technical including writing, drawing, directing, 3D modeling, rigging, rendering, composing scenes and even programming.

I’m a convinced atheist and agnostic, I’m sure that a sober lifestyle is a way to go. I support enlightenment, science and hope that reason will someday rule the world.

Even if I look like a predator, I don’t eat meat.


Triton (Denis)

I’m a graphic designer and 3D-artist. I work with infographics and create animation. Writing and making photos is also my thing.

In my opinion, a project must be goal-oriented—first we should think about purposes the product will be designed for. I’m persistent but flexible if the goal demands it.

I support a sober lifestyle, I support global thinking and free initiative. I’m a political and economical analyst.
Skype: Denis-Triton

Mary (Marina)

I create paintings; I like to sketch the world around me and especially people I see. I use traditional artist techniques for my paintings and drawings. Also, I create artworks in decorative style. I’m especially delighted by casual realism in paintings.

I want to believe
that wonders can happen in real life.

Skype: Marymary7756


Moony (Tanya)

I develop, draw and animate characters. Personally, I like lively computer animation drawn using classical technique (frame by frame). Also, I make storyboards and help with screenwriting.

I’m a vegetarian and support a sober lifestyle.
Skype: lady-Moony

GnomKOLIN [Николай]

I’m an animator, 3D-modeller. I work both with 2D and 3D graphics. I create special effects and believe it or not I’m costume designer as well.

I support a sober lifestyle.
Skype: gnomKOLIN