New Animation

Petrovich’s New Year Adventure



June 8, 2015

A little Christmas adventure of Petrovich. Traditional animation. Art project of our studio.


Galleries with graphical and pictorial Artworks

Paintings and drawings Graphics and Design Characters 3D-Graphics


Animation for the French course



February 29, 2015

Series of animated scenes for the French course. The client is Mrs. Karen Schumacher (a language teacher from Krefeld, Germany)

“Kitty and the diamond”


December 29, 2014

Stylized 3D animation. We tried to combine both 2D and 3D style.



Animated Explainer Video for Innostore®


July 16, 2014

Peter Hirschfeld, head of the Austrian company “Innostore” ordered the two-minute movie for his site and offline presentations.

We’ve chosen a modern style that combines stylized 3D-graphics and motion design.



Animated introduction “Active life”



Sergey Bokov, head of Russian public organization “Active Life” asked us to create an energetic introduction and to animate his logo.

3D-graphics and special effects helped us to accomplish the task.


Drawn animation. Demo reel


Traditional animation is tough to make but efforts are definitely worth it.


“It all started with a mouse”


You probably know this famous quote from Walt Disney: “it was all started by a mouse.”

Well, in our studio it was all started with a nice little white gerbil named Arishka.


“Astrology—science or trickery?”



This animation may become the beginning of the whole series about questionable teachings and common misconceptions.

Dear Logicked, thank you very much for your editing and narration!





3D-graphics requires even more patience than hand drawn animation.

Doublebook is a fictional computer for chess tournaments played in the open air. Who knows, may be this machine will be constructed someday.


Blue watermelon



This movie is another experiment with 3D-graphics.

Do you say that there are no blue watermelons? Oh, we have one! This is a green product. Well, blue in this case but the label is “Green product” anyway.


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